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Vinyl Disciples

Heroes and villains vinyl Disciples

Who Are We

In the heavily solo oriented DJ world, it is rare to find a group who can create a huge impact on the worldwide scene in such a short period of time. Vinyl Disciples have not only been able to shine and make their presence known in such a world, but they have done so, all within 5 years of picking up a record/VINYL. With their eclectic taste in music, ranging from ELEKTRO grooves with plenty of funky vocal melodies to a deeper progressive sound, these Disciples are sure to turn heads. That is certainly a guarantee

It all began after a craysee dance off, ideas where exchanged, decks where shared, mixes where released and chaos on the dance floor ensued. In short, a true collaboration was born. Since then the Disciples have grown to play around the world. Each new venue and talent has allowed the Vinyl Disciples to grow more complex, creative and far reaching in the this world of music, art and life. 

This wild bunch has had the pleasure of sharing the booth with the likes of Sharam of Deep Dish, Eric Morillo, Behrouz, Roger Sanchez, Kascade, Axwell and even Karoke'd with the likes of Chris Willis :)

Vinyl Disciples Dj's: Mish Alireza and Mete Aslan, DJ Matos, Mo Islam and OJ. 

Vinyl Disciples members: Anyone that Chews Their Music. 


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